Along the Belt, Around the Bend


Better known under the moniker Bird People, this is the first album from Ulrich under his own name. The album is completely acoustic and is predominantly banjo picking tunes that wouldn't be far out of place at an old time jam in Appalachia, sandwiched between the banjo tunes are subtle drones on shruti, gong and singing bowl.

Here's what Ulrich has to say about it- 'These recordings were inspired by the two places where I have lived so far, my hometown of Waidhofen, which lies along the Ybbs river in the province of Lower Austria and Vienna's Meidling District, specifically the Gaudenzdorf area along Vienna's main road called the 'Belt'. All tracks were recorded live with no overdubs and often with the windows open to allow the environmental sounds to seep in and become part of the music.'

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