Zine C
by Tor Press.

The third in the series of zines each based on a letter of the alphabet from Tor Press. 23 illustrators/ designers were asked to create an image with C as the theme. The zine is A5, grayscale and has a screenprinted cover.
Limited to 100 copies.


Frank Chimero
Jeffrey Bowman
Melvin Galapon
Roderick Mills
Zara Picken
Ben Jones
Josh J Holinaty
Owen Gildersleeve
Andy J Miller
Verity Keniger
Mat Pringle
Jake Blanchard
Simon Fowler
Sophie Alda
Tom Hughes
Alex Spiro
Pedro Lourenco
Daniel Entonado
Tom Hovey
Simon Barna
Cure Studio
Patrick Dumont

Cover by Micah Lidberg

Zine C
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